State list explanation

State List

The convenient side of updating states rates and information from “State list” is the availability of cloning option, which will allow you to duplicate the rates implemented for the already updated states.The next subsection of Long distance settings is “State List“. From this place, you can update all states from which you may accept long distance requests. “State list” tab is very easy and comfortable for use, where you can see “Based states” which already include the name of States from which you can accept requests.  The beginning information for “Based states” is taken from “Basic” tab, furthermore, you can update all states information straightly from “State list” tab also. For example in the below example it will get more clear:

Based states” indicate the states from which you can accept long distance request. For example in our case, after clicking on Florida state the information regarding available states for moving from this state will appear on the right side. Also, if you want to add extra states for delivery from Florida state, you just have to press “+” (add) button on the state from “Other state” list below. After choosing a needed state for adding it will appear on the right side:

In our case, we added “Wisconsin” state as available for long distance movings. After adding it you have to update days for delivery, minimum cbf, minimum price and state price information. Also, you can delete states from here, for this you have to click on hamburger icon on the near with the state name, then press delete:

In order to duplicate destination states from other Based states, you just have to choose the destination state from “update from” list and сlick update button.

For example, let’s update the information about states from  Arizona state:

After pressing the update button, you can see that main table with states for long distance moving is updated by adding missing states in comparison with Arizona State:

After updating table you can that there is only one moving difference between two states, which is Wisconsin state. Long distance moves are made to Wisconsin only from Florida.

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