Move Size Settings (Training 1)

How does the system calculate move size?

We take cubic feet for move size and add room cubic feet if needed. To preset move size, Go to Settings > Calculator > Move size settings.



Room with a basement

Studio with a basement  (without the basement it would be 200 cubic feet)

Small 1 Bedroom condo/aprt.
When choosing Small 1 and 2 Bedroom, Large 1 and 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom condo/aprt. a living room is included automatically. For Small 1 Bedroom condo/aprt. default size without any extra room will be 150 cubic feet (Small 1 Bedroom condo/aprt.) + 100 cubic feet of a Kitchen + 100 cubic feet of a Living room.

2 Bedroom house/townhouse. For houses a living room and a dining room are included automatically. 

Why are there 2 numbers in total cubic feet?

Minimum cubic feet = Move size – 50 cubic feet
Maximum cubic feet = Move size + 50 cubic feet

For example:
For Small 1 Bedroom condo/aprt: 150 cubic feet + 100 cubic feet of a Kitchen + 100 cubic feet of a Living room = 350 cubic feet. Therefore by adding ± 50 cubic feet we have 300 – 400 total cubic feet in calculator results:


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