Long carry charges

Long carry charge” is an additional charge that is applied when the mover has to carry goods from the truck or van to your residence over a longer distance than is typical. Normally there is a distance limit between the rear of the moving truck/van to your residence’s entrance which can be updated as you wish through the setting’s place:

From current example, we can say if the limit exceeds 70 feet (walking distance), you can charge an additional fee $25 per each 100 c.f. of the moving inventory. Also, you can provide a flat fee for this service no matter how much distance is covered:

In order to provide a flat fee, first, your to exclude the rate for based option and only after that set price under flat fee window (ref#2). In our current example, a flat fee is equal to $200, which means no matter how much distance is covered you will charge a customer, this rate.

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