How to Assign a Foreman/Crew to a Job (Training 4)

To Assign a Foreman/Crew to a Job:
  1. Go to Dispatch > Local Dispatch > choose the date in the Calendar > find the necessary Job:
    NOTE: By default when you open Local Dispatch you will see the Current Date.
    NOTE: In Local Dispatch, you can only assign a foreman/crew Confirmed Requests.
  2. Click on the Job > select a Foreman and Helpers > click on Send:
    NOTE: In the calendar, the days on which you have jobs are indicated with the green color.
  3. Now you see the Job is depicted orange which means that the Crew has been assigned to the Job:

NOTE: As soon as the Crew is assigned to the job, the Foreman receives a notification email with a new job:

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