Floor you are moving from and to

“Floor you are moving from and to” allows you to charge for floors in two ways. First when you load and unload by stairs and second when you use the elevator. Both rates information (settings) are modified and updated from here:

Like the elevator carry charge, flight charge is a fee for carrying items up or down flights of stairs either at the place of origin or at the destination. For example, a third-floor residence would equal two flights since the mover begins on the first floor. Consequently, for each 100 c.f. the customer will be charged $50 (25X2=50). If there are elevators available, and they are large enough to transport goods, there should be no flight charge. However, an elevator charge can be applied at $15 rate per 100 c.f. Moreover, you can set a flat rate for both stairs and elevator charges:

In order to set flat rate, you have to put “0” on the based rate, and only after that set flat rate (example: $100 in stairs and $75 in elevator options. After setting flat rate, it does not matter how many floors are covered during the move, as anyway, you will charge your customer this rate.



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